2023 INCENTIVE - RE: 2022 RSS Invoicing

Hello all,

I want to thank all of you for your efforts in getting the Credit Packets submitted to us so we can meet ACCME Guidelines and provide CME credits for your participants.  For 2023, we have decided to focus on reducing the number of returned Incomplete Credit Packets which we feel, in turn, would save numerous hours of work throughout the year.  In 2022, so far, we have returned almost 300 packets!  We hope to provide additional training to those who struggle with this, as well as reward those who extend the extra effort to ensure the packet is complete prior to submission… thus saving duplicate work for both you and the CE Office.

Beginning with our invoices for 2022 credits, we will be providing a 10% discount to any series that went the entire year of 2022 with no returned packets.   We will carry this over to 2023 invoicing that will occur beginning in January of 2024.  We hope to see a great reduction in returned packets as a result.

If this is an area you have struggled with, please let us know specifically what you feel you may need additional help with or what we can do to increase your understanding of the credit packet requirements.  Our goal is to decrease work for both you and us!

As a reminder, if you are submitting credit packets via email,

  • Please use the following as the subject line of the email:
    • Credit Packet – Conference Code (i.e., MedGR) – Packet Date  (i.e., 01-01-22).  
      So for example:  Credit Packet – MedGR – 01-01-22   You’d be surprised how much this helps if we have to go back and search for a packet later on.
  • And if at all possible, attach one credit packet per email as one PDF file in the following order:
    • Department Checklist
    • Flyer that includes all required elements
    • Bar-Code Sign-in Sheet
    • Any other documentation you wish to attach
  • If including a CV or “written” disclosure with the email – you can absolutely include as part of the email, but please make it a separate attachment from the Credit Packet PDF – that way we don’t overlook it and it gets saved as soon as we receive it.

In 2022, the overwhelming number of returned packets were returned due to missing or outdated Disclosures or CVs.  As a reminder, you can access our listings (updated monthly) at the following addresses:  These addresses are also on your department checklists to remind you to check prior to submitting credit packets.

If you feel we should have a CV or Disclosure that would have been received AFTER the update date showing on the website listing, but you did not receive a copy of the confirmation email when your speaker submitted the form, just send us a quick email at CEAdmin@hsc.wvu.edu and we will check to see if one came in recently.

And finally, Gernelle Rivers recently relocated out of state so we are in the process of accepting applications to fill her position of Finance and Technology Assistant.  We are taking this opportunity to review our processes and work on streamlining this process for 2023 so we can get the credits entered much quicker.  As we all primarily work remotely, this is a work in progress.  If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them.  And of course, if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.  For all RSS communication, please email CEAdmin@hsc.wvu.edu – this works best as we all have access to this account and can ensure a timely response.

Thank you! 

Kari L. Long, MBA
WVU Health Sciences Office of Continuing Education
Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry