In order to begin the planning process, all of our forms and planning information are available on the Planning Forms page.

Coordinated Conferences 

We can provide complete conference services. Currently, our office coordinates three annual conferences, including the School of Dentistry and Alumni Association Spring Conference, and the Fall Cancer Conference. Contact Doris Tucker  at for more information.

Non-Coordinated Credit-Only Conferences

If you would like to offer credit for your conference, we offer credit services for very competitive fees. Contact Kari Long at for more information.

Regularly Scheduled Series

Our office oversees and coordinates the review and accreditation process for all ongoing programs--such as Grand Rounds, Weekly Conferences, etc.--in Health Sciences Center departments as well as outside organizations. Contact Doris Tucker at for more information.

Enduring Materials (web courses, webinars)

We are always looking to increase our web offerings. If you or your department have content for a web course, we will work with you to develop, maintain, and promote the course. We encourage you to visit our web courses page for current examples. Contact Katie Loehr at for more information.

Registration and Payment Services

Our registration and payment process for conferences utilizes online forms and eCommerce through the State Treasury. For a per-registrant fee, we can take in and maintain registrations and payments for your conference. Contact Katie Loehr at for more information.

Non-WVU Sponsored Credits (Outside Certificates)

Please use the link below to submit credits from outside institutions for record-keeping purposes.   These credits will appear on your transcript under the heading "Non-WVU Sponsored credits".

Click here to go to the Outside Credits Form

You must complete all required fields on the submission form and upload the certificate to the form.  Transcripts are not considered certificates.  Please only include ONE activity with each submission.

Credits that do not meet these criteria will not be entered into your record.

Personalized Learning Services

If you would like to receive specific one-on-one training from a preceptor at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center in your area of particular interest, please contact the WVU Office of CE. We will work with you to arrange an educational experience designed to meet your specific needs and designated for Category 1 CME credit.