WVU School of Dentistry and Alumni Association Spring Conference

Local Anesthesia and the Oral Systemic Myth

Morgantown Marriott at Waterfront Place
April 19, 2024

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Local Anesthesia
Injection failure not only causes unnecessary patient discomfort and apprehension, it can also frustrate providers, as well. In this interactive course, Katrina Sanders guides you through the common causes of injection failure.

The Oral Systemic Myth
This course offers supportive insight into the systemic health conditions related to active periodontal infections. It offers dental professionals a clear understanding of how their daily work can impact the overall health of patients with these conditions—both positively and negatively.

Katrina M. Sanders, RDH, BSDH, M.Ed, RF
A thought leader and provocative contrarian, Katrina Sanders is a practicing periodontal dental hygienist with a passion for wine, teeth, philanthropic work and elevating the health, wellness and vitality of the community in excellence. Katrina is a vibrant, passionate and charismatic award-winning educator with a unique approach to delivering continuing dental education. A distinguished speaker with many dental hygiene study clubs, Katrina’s lectures incorporate a caring, comedic and supportive style. She is passionate about educating, empowering and instilling compassion within the dental hygiene industry. Katrina’s zest for dental hygiene is infused throughout her content as she lectures on provocative topics while leaving participants with a call to action and an abundantly renewed sense of pride for their industry. With wine glass in hand, Katrina delivers a no-nonsense approach to challenging the dental profession while providing educational opportunities for the general public to better understand the importance around oral health. Most notably, her consulting, international speaking, podcasting, ghost-writing, vlogging and educational profit centers have placed this wine sipping ginger into a champagne bubble bringing her to the top of her industry, and she wishes to share her top secrets to success with the world.